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Public Sector

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Connect citizens and governments for the 21st century. A truly connected government is citizen-centric and builds connections between citizens, employees, governments and services.

Just ask Services NSW, who are leaving behind traditional service and putting the power in the hands of the customer how they choose to interact and communicate with the government.

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People now expect private sector service from the public sector, too. They want fast, seamless, simple interactions. To meet these new expectations, Salesforce helped Christchurch City Council deliver a unique graffiti management system to track and map taggers.

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When everyone at your company is on the same page, they can solve problems faster, and do more to help customers. When Belkin connected its employees with Chatter and eliminated lengthy email-based processes the company shortened its quoting process from 72 to 24 hours. Customer satisfaction improved, and so did the bottom line

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